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iRecover is a free mapping platform available to the public. Please use the links above to list basic supplies you have available, or to find supplies if you have been affected by the bushfires that are impacting Australia.

Following natural disasters community members rally together to support each other and are often in need of basic goods and services. iRecover is a real-time mapping platform that empowers communities to help themselves by linking businesses and organisations supplying goods or services with community members in need.

Emergency information

If you need urgent help from police, fire or ambulance services call 000, or 112 on a mobile phone.

If your situation is not urgent, you should look up the number of your local police, fire or ambulance service or access the website for information and assistance details.

Other disaster alerts and information should be accessed through relevant State or Territory Emergency Services, Fire Service, or the Bureau of Meteorology.

During disasters motorists should check road conditions and avoid unnecessary travel in impacted areas. For information on road conditions that may affect your travel, visit the government transport web site relevant to your State or Territory.

How It Works


iRecover is a real-time mapping platform that enables communities to list and find the location of goods and services that will help with relief efforts within the community.

List Supplies

Community members simply register their supplies, with up to three types of goods or services on offer (these items can be offered for free or for sale), contact details and location on the mapping plaform.

Find Supplies

Community members can search the mapping platform, based on their location, to look for the goods and services they need. The platform will show the location of the items on a map, along with a name and contact details, and any other information provided about the goods and services on offer.



Central Queensland Disaster Hack 2018

The iRecover solution was originally developed during the Central Queensland Disaster Hack 2018 hosted by the department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Rockhampton, Queensland. The idea was pitched against six other teams including representatives from the Queensland Government, local government, businesses, charitable organisations, and universities.

The iRecover solution won first place at the hackathon by addressing the citizen experience theme, and building an app that could help build community capacity and resilience to respond to disasters.

Read more about the 2018 CQ Disaster Hack here:


This is a beta version of the iRecover platform for research purposes and is being released as proof of concept for future development.

The iRecover crowdsourcing platform does not operate, control or endorse any information, products or services in any way. Information, products or services are crowdsourced and generally offered by third parties that are not affiliated with the iRecover collaborators. The user accepts total responsibility and risk for the display and use of the information, products or services on the iRecover platform.


iRecover is a non-profit information platform developed in collaboration by staff at: the Remote Sensing Research Centre at The University of Queensland, the Resources and Planning Team at The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QLD), and Battlerz.

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